PiX Frogger


Help your frog cross the road


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Remember the classic game Frogger? If you do, you must have spent hours playing this highly addictive game from the 80's. Well, now you can dive back into it, but this time it has a new and improved look, bringing it right up to date.

PiX Frogger is a remake of the legendary Frogger, in which you had to guide your frog across the road without it getting run over, at the same time trying to reach the other side before your froggy opponents.

But, like before, this is no easy task. There will be a never ending supply of fast moving sports cars and killer trucks on the road, and avoiding them will be a true test of your reflexes. Furthermore, as the other frogs come towards you, the screen will narrow down, pushing you further into the road, which you will have no choice but to cross sooner or later. The frog that survives will have the honour of winning the game.

Also, you can play in multiplayer mode complete with scoreboard. All this makes PiX Frogger a really fun and addictive game.
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